Taken by @judcollins

Taken by @judcollins


Parker Dellis

           As a child, I always went to art class excited because I saw it as a time to talk with my friends while the teacher guided us through replicating an art piece from artists of a variety of time periods, step by step. I had no craftsmanship worthy of awards or aspirations to become an artist, yet there was something freeing about art. A decade later, and art is my passion and my future. I believe art should be fun and something where you can use  creativity and past experiences to explore endless combinations of ideas to portray a story or purpose. Art can take a plethora of mediums such as ink, charcoal, gouache, digital, and my personal favorite, photography. Art in all its forms allows me a technique to express myself in a way classes such as math or science cannot. I love and pursue art because of the impact it has on the world and the individual.

           Kara Walker, one of my favorite artists, is looked at as the speaker for the African American community in the art world. Her portrayals of the brutality African Americans were treated with in the United States brings out powerful emotions such as fear, sorrow, and horror. Although Kara Walker tends to bring out the serious side, another side of art is the discussions that can be brought up. For example, Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain is still widely discussed in art classes today, and whether or not his ready-mades are considered art. I love seeing the reactions and discussions that this piece can have almost 100 years later. I believe this piece is art due to Marcel’s purpose behind it, yet whether it is “good” art or not is up for debate. Art can inspire conversation spanning from personal interpretations to spirituality. I believe Christian artists should be the most creative and influential artists because God is a creative God; the creator of the heavens and Earth.

           My goal as an artist for Christ is to create pieces that will cause discussions around who Christ is, what he does for us, and the love he has for us. For most of the art timeline, Christian art has depicted saints, Mary, or the cross. These are all virtuous icons, but these pieces do not spark up conversations about who or what Christ is about. I wish to see myself creating more complex projects that have a grander conceptual and physical composition impact on the viewer. The mediums I plan to focus are photography and digital, but I want to grow myself as an artist and learn how to make art via new art mediums. On the academic side, I plan to grow and push myself in the areas of learning programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom along with my studies in my other classes.

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