Micah James LaVasseur is a 17 year old musician from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Besides being a musician he enjoys activities such as watercoloring, drawing, and playing basketball.
Caleb James Plummer, aka Calebi, is a 19 year old from Prior Lake Minnesota. When not at work as a Valet Attendant he is often making music or chilling with his homies.
  Alex Fadell has lived his life in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Out of the 18 years he has lived so far I have known him for 5 years. If Alex isn’t with friends, playing TF2, or chillen somewhere... he’s probably sleeping.    The following interview is Alex’s thoughts on technology, social media, and what is to come.
  If you see someone hiking around with no shoes on, it’s probably Eric. Eric is a graduate of the class of 2018 from Shakopee, Minnesota and will go into Basic Training for the Army this summer. In this interview I ask Eric questions on topics about hiking, the Army, and other related topics.
Graham Davis Anderson